Taser Training

Description: A course that teaches you how to utilize a Taser as a non-lethal method of self-defense. Curriculum is broken into three sections: lecture, demonstration and scenario method.

Students Will Learn:

  • Understand how the ECD device overrides and controls the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system or combative subject
  • Legal aspects of an ECD
  • Be able to reload in a safe and proper manner
  • Learn proper finger positioning for aiming and firing
  • Safe handling of the ECD
  • Pre- and post-deployment protocol
  • Fully understand the probe placement and ballistics
  • Learn how to utilize the laser and fixed sights
  • Understand probe placement and ballistics
  • Ability to draw, hit a target and reload at various targets

Duration: 6 hours

Course Cost: $150.00


  • Taser Certificate of Completion (From Taser, Int’l)
  • ASC Certificate of Completion

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Location: ASC Training Academy
16117 Covello St.
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Tel: (818) 906-3753

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